About me

I am currently working at Blue Coat Systems Canada Inc as a senior User Experience Designer. I don’t want to turn this into a boring bio so if you want to know me more you can download my resume – OK, after I upload it one day 🙂

On personal side, I have been serving on Waterloo Chinese Community Association in for 5 years now, in charge of the association’s communication with the rest of the world. A lot of the work are visual design and presentation for the organization’s various events throughout the year.  I also serve as the webmaster and provide other communication related technical supports for the executive committee.

I am also the captain of WCCA’s man’s volleyball team. The WCCA’s volleyball league has regular weekly games from September through to June the following year. Oh, we played at Canadian Chinese Volleyball Tournament in 2013 and got 8th out of 20 teams. Not bad huh?

Been to TED.com? I once found a very intriguing talk by Barry Schwartz The Paradox of Choice and was inspired by his talk so I decided to join the dotsub team to translate the entire talk into Chinese.

Other things I do (all free work):

  • Coaching volleyball to young kids. Did it couple years and couldn’t continue because of my busy work schedule.
  • Teaching English to students in China on chat group;

OK that’s all what I want to say for now.

Once again thank you for visiting.

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